About AMSA Programming Product

AMSA is a real time data collection software which has been developed base on Six Sigma Methodology in term of Statistical Knowledge base. The most important for AMSA is fully support Industrial 4.0 Requirement.

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Part A assembly with Part B = Part C

Furthermore, the database is being developed to support both of Manual and Auto export data form Server. This feature will let customers develop their own algorithm for detail of analysis such as Cognitive Computing, AI and Daily monitoring analysis.    

The basic requirement for our customer is “REPORT FORMAT”. We provide both of Standard format and Customized Format by using “VBA Macro Report” which they can do their own format.

Equipment Interfacing with AMSA System

Existing equipment Sample

We are capable to collect data from Serial Port (RS232), U wave, Bluetooth or any interface method to PC.

Moreover, if your data from any equipment is being saved into Text or Excel file, we can use DCU, Data Collection Unit, to collect text file to our Database. 

Data Mapping Method

Basic Statistical Report from AMSA Program

  1. Yield and Pareto Charts
  2. Process Capability (Cp, Cpk)
  3. Statistical Process Control (SPC => X_Bar & R_Chart, X_Bar & S_Chart)
  4. Time series (I-MR Chart)

Product Overview


Any further information needed, write us the email at admin@componet.co.th Our staff will get back to you ASAP ^_^